The municipality of Alins, known as Vall Ferrera, is situated in Pallars Sobirà bordering with Andorra and with France to the north.
It has a big mountaineering tradition. Here people go rambling, trekking, practice Nordic and downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoes, fishing, etc.
One of its boundaries is the Pica d’Estats which, with an altitude of 3143 meters, is the roof of Catalonia.
There are other very important peaks such as Monteixo (2905 meters), Baborte (2938 meters), Salòria (2789 meters), Norís (2834 meters), etc. and numerous lakes (Sotllo, Borte, Baiau).
For many years the traditional economic activity was based on iron extraction, wood from the forests, animal and agricultural farming. Nowadays animal farming still exists together with tourism.