Cuisine/Dishes from Vall Ferrera

Vall Ferrera’s traditional gastronomy is strongly conditioned by the historic isolation of this valley, with dishes using local products produced in each household and the absence of the more Mediterranean products. The basic ingredients are “trumfes” (potatoes), “tabelles” (beans), rye flour, pulse foods, mushrooms, vegetables and wild fruits, hazlenuts, walnuts, pears, apples and quinces. As far as meat is concerned, we must highlight “moltó” (castrated male lamb), kid, veal, rabbit, chicken, pork and game such as boar and izard, and even wood grouse, squirrels and bears, although they are now protected species.

We can highlight the following typical dishes:

  • Salad made from wild vegetables such as chicory, watercress, “Good King  Henry” amongst other
  • Rice with rabbit mountain style
  • Trumfes (potatoes) and cabbage with  “rosta”
  • Bread soup with egg
  • “Pap”
  • “Girella” (traditional type of haggis made from lamb)
  • “Palpís” (deboned leg of lamb filled with hard boiled egg, ham and bacon)
  • Meat cooked very slowly in oil
  • “Freginat” (lamb blood and liver fried with onion and a sweet-sour sauce made with vinegar and honey)
  • Stews with “murgues” (a type of sausage)
  • Stone cooked meat
  • Roast chicken
  • All kinds of cheeses, such as “tupí”
  • “Mostillo” (pastries)

And for a mid-afternoon snack bread with wine and sugar for children and toast with garlic and quince oil for the grown ups.

Addresses of interest 

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