Boscos de Ferro and the Iron fair

The “Boscos de Ferro” project was born in 2010, promoted by the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, with the aim of contributing to the social and economic development of Vall Ferrera. This project is based on research and knowledge showing the value of its patrimonial and cultural heritage and its connection with the iron and steel industry, which goes back to almost 2,000 years ago. With this project an historical desire of the people of Vall Ferrera and of many individuals and entities who have shown for a long time an interest in the patrimonial wealth of this wild and beautiful spot of Catalonia, has materialized.

One of the most important actions of this project is the annual “Fira del Ferro Pirinenc” (Pyrenean Iron fair). It takes place the first weekend of July and it has been created with the aim of promoting the world of the forge and its artisans at an academic, recreational and popular level, as well as to reveal the valuable historic and cultural heritage linked to the exploitation of iron in Vall Ferrera.

Year after year the blacksmiths taking part create pieces of great artistic value that can be visited in the different towns of Vall Ferrera. In conjunction with the fair, a market of artisan products, iron reduction furnaces, coal bunkers, exhibitions, workshops for children, night shows and guided visits to the iron patrimony of the valley take place.

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Fira del Ferro Pirinenc ha compartido la publicación de Parc Natural de l'Alt Pirineu.
Fira del Ferro Pirinenc

Felicitats a tots els #forjadors que han participat enguany a la VI #firadelferro Pirinenc a la #Vallferrera i que han forjat unes magnífiques #banderoles amb el nom d'algunes de les cases de la #Vallferrera. La #banderola guanyadora ha estat la que han forjat per l'Hotel Saloria. Felicitats!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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