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“Here you can hear the silence”. Anyone visiting La Vall Ferrera (the “Iron Valley”) will be able to hear it. La Vall Ferrera is the most Eastern of the three great valleys in Alt Pallars and is the heart of the Alt Pirineu Nature Park. It is a splendid, privileged territory. There we will find fascinating and charming things, mostly thanks to its natural heritage. Its greatest exponent is “La Pica d’Estats”, which with its 3,143 meters is considered to be the roof of Catalonia. Places of great beauty, such as “El Pla de Boet”, “L’estany d’Aixeus”, “El Bosc de Virós” and “La Vall de Tor” will fascinate us.

We will also be captivated by its cultural heritage, as throughout its history man has created and given shape to “La Vall Ferrera” with its rustic villages full of history and romanic art, its people, traditions, customs, animal farming, iron, forges, forests, wood, tourism… All of these things together make “La Vall Ferrera” a typical valley with its own character and, as the people from “La Vall Ferrera” say: “Catalonia is 1000 years old. La Vall Ferrera was already there”.



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